Tricks of the Trade Mark


A comprehensive, step-by-step course that will teach you how to register your trade mark, protect your intellectual property, monetise your brand, and build a more secure future for your business - all in just a couple of hours!


So, you might be thinking...

Why do I need a trade mark for my business?

The simple answer is... because you have worked hard to establish your business, source awesome clients, build your brand, and solidify your reputation as a kickass entrepreneur.

Why wouldn't you want to protect all that?

Not only is a trade mark a great way to protect everything you've worked so hard to create, it also solidifies your presence in the market: it identifies who you are, so when your customers hear your name, they know it's you!

The more successful you become, the more valuable your brand becomes as a result... and the more protection it requires in a competitive, and sometimes cutthroat, market.

By learning the Tricks of the Trade Mark, you will...

Be in a position to confidently register your trade mark

Have peace of mind about your brand being protected, and your rep staying safe

Be able to add a super cool and fancy skill to your biz tool belt

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Tricks of the Trade Mark

Snazzy, punny course name? Check.

Bite-sized, easy-to-digest content? Check.

Only one last thing to check off...


 But wait... what exactly is a trade mark, anyway?

Okay, get ready for some knowledge, comin' atcha.

A trade mark is an asset, owned by a business, that can be bought, licensed, or sold. Look at Disney - they don't just make money from making cartoon tear-jerkers beloved by all ages, they make money from licensing their brand.

For example, they don't make their own toys - they license their trade mark to manufacturers and suppliers so that they can do it instead, and charge them accordingly.

The name of your business is an integral part of its identity, and how memorable it is to your prospective clients. 

A trade mark gives your business a sense of legitimacy, and also ensures that you are the only person with the rights to use it for the same purpose, both now and into the future.


Registering your business name does not automatically give you exclusive rights to your business name.

Only a trade mark can do that.

If you've come up with a killer business idea, business name, or whole brand shebang, the last thing you want to do is spend a ton of money putting everything together only to discover that you have to start again... because someone else has registered it as a trade mark. 

What you will learn

Research your brand name

Set up your account with IP Australia

Prepare and lodge your own trade mark application

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What's Included
in Your Course Package

Check out all the cool things you're gonna get as part of Tricks of the Trade Mark!




A step-by-step guide through the trade mark application process
Slide decks and transcripts so that you don't miss a thing
Lifetime access to the course, in case you come up with another amazing idea down the track that needs its own trade mark
Cease and Desist Letter template valued at $75
Trade Mark Maintenance Guide valued at $50



1-on-1 business strategy session with Riz for only $280 (normally $360)
Licence Agreement Template for only $350 (normally $595)

We care about your business becoming - and staying - legally legit.
So we're also excited to offer a payment plan option - three instalments of $150 (payable monthly).
That's less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day!

Foundd Legal: teaching you the things you need to know in order to get legally legit, and also helping you kick your caffeine habit. What can I say? We're here to help.

This course is not for you if...

You have already submitted your trade mark application and received an adverse report (if that's the case, you need a lawyer - stat!) 


You aren't ready to invest in your business and protect your most valuable asset

If these don't apply to you, read on, friend!

Get your glass of wine! Now that we're settled, I'm Riz. How d'you do?


I’m the talky friend that’ll be teaching you the Tricks of the Trade Mark.

I'm a business owner and a lawyer of more than 16 years, and I've registered and maintained a few trade marks in my time (both my own and those of my clients).

Since helping people is my absolute jam, I founded Foundd Legal to address pain points, provide value and instil confidence in entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking to build their own empire.

I help others help themselves, by offering affordable and accessible legal and business solutions, guides, and templates to creatives, entrepreneurs and new business owners who want to get - and stay - legally legit.

I can’t wait to teach you all about trade marks and empower you to take your business to the next level!

Learn the Tricks of the Trade Mark!

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Tricks of the Trade Mark
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We get that not everyone is ready to make an investment in their business. It’s not easy. It’s kinda scary. Even a little on the boring side sometimes.

BUT it’s also super important, not to mention super likely to save you time, money, and hassle down the track.

So, if you want to...

Monetise your brand by creating and selling your content

Lock in your business name so it's yours and yours alone

Protect your intellectual property from copycats

Distinguish your brand from all the others out there

Stand out from the crowd

Enhance your reputation

Get legally legit


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"Getting our trademark organised had always felt so intimidating but we're so glad we finally did it with Riz's help! Her training made the entire process so easy and helped us understand the strategy behind a good trade mark application - not just the application steps. Thank you Riz! We couldn't have done it without you!"


"Working with Riz and her team at Foundd on my legal contracts and trade mark was phenomenal. They are so professional, super efficient, and leave you feeling so supported every step of the way! They are my go-to for all things legal and I now send all my clients here too! Cannot recommend highly enough!"


"Riz is fantastic and someone that is tremendously helpful and insightful when it came to advising the process and implementation of the trade mark for our business."

Client Testimonials


“When you call your lawyer for legal advice on a new arm of the biz and it turns into an incredibly productive strategy session!! Cannot recommend this clever lady enough.”

Michelle H

“Riz of Foundd Legal was so helpful in helping me set up my business. It’s given me the confidence going forward with new clients, and the peace of mind about ownership of my work as well. As a creative it can be scary to think about the legal aspects, but if you're serious about your work you can't afford not to! Thanks so much for making the process easy with all the information upfront.”

Molly Harris of Farai Creative

“Build Your Empire was just what I had been hoping for in a short course on business growth and legals. While I wasn’t too fussed about the marketing section of the course – as I knew this already, as a marketer – the legal modules and templates were worth my investment in themselves. I really enjoyed the structure of the course, with modules to complete solo and a Facebook group and Live chats to keep me motivated and on-task. While it was sometimes tricky to show up to the Live Q+As, my free 1-1 call with Riz was ultimately one of the most valuable experiences I received from the course. Unlike other courses I’ve taken part in, I felt very safe to show up in the Build Your Empire community and ask any questions – no matter how silly they seemed! Having access to Riz and her knowledge for those 4 weeks will benefit my business for months (even years!) to come. I’d highly recommend all my small & online biz friends to find themselves a likeminded lawyer, marketer, and coach – and I’ve never met a lawyer as approachable and understanding as Riz! Her expertise in law, entrepreneurship, and online business is unique and so valuable. A brilliant course!"

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One payment of $397



Three payments of $150
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